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This was the first time in our restaurant’s 24-year history that we worked on our brand. Strano went above and beyond in guiding me through the process, taking me each step of the way, and explaining everything. I know Strano gave 100% on this project.

—Owner, Vito’s Wings & Pizza

Vito’s Wings & Pizza
—Pizza pro populo!

The beloved neighbourhood pizzeria winning the hearts and tastebuds of every location’s local community.

Vito’s Wings & Pizza make a really good product. Their ingredients are fresh, their dough and marinara are made daily, they use recipes that have been in the family since 1994 and their wings are a story unto themselves. With all these key selling points in place we knew this was going to be a fun project.

Gourmet, wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza… this isn’t that. Vito’s is a classic, neighbourhood style pizzeria and that’s what we wanted to portray. We wanted to design a brand that felt familiar while at the same time, using playful illustrations, Latin sayings and expressive type.

One of the biggest differentiators of this brand is their wings – a true category-killer. With that in mind, Vito’s took our direction and changed the name to Vito’s Wings & Pizza – rather than pizza and wings.

Along with developing the brand strategy and design system,  we worked with Vito’s to refine their menu and design the interior of their flagship store. Their existing customers have embraced the new brand and their local communities are expressing positive feedback about Vito’s.

Spera in Vito—In Vito we trust.

Pizza photography: Ian Pettigrew


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Pizza pro populo!
Pizza pro populo!
Pizza pro populo!
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