Sustainability is Front & Centre at Luxe Pack 2024 New York

Apr 14, 2024

Luxe Pack New York 2024 will spotlight a range of sustainability-focused events, workshops, and vendors, providing a comprehensive look at innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Luxe Pack is tackling the challenging intersection of luxury and sustainability in packaging through its “LUXE PACK in green” initiative, which has been a part of the event for over a decade. This year, they will continue to highlight sustainable packaging solutions that do not compromise on the luxury aesthetic crucial to high-end brands. The event will feature the “in green” award ceremony, recognizing innovations in ecological packaging and showcasing category-leading sustainable solutions that appeal to luxury markets​ (LUXE PACK New York)​​ (LUXE PACK New York)​.

A key figure at the conference, Diana Verde Nieto, Co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, will host the “in green” award ceremony. She brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainable luxury, making her a pivotal voice in discussions about aligning luxury with sustainability goals​ (LUXE PACK New York)​.

Additionally, Luxe Pack New York 2024 will offer a curated showcase called “The New in green Product Showcase,” designed to present the finest eco-friendly packaging options. This exhibit aims to demonstrate that sustainability can coexist with the elegance and refinement expected in luxury packaging​ (LUXE PACK New York)​.


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For those particularly interested in the dialogue between luxury packaging and sustainability, these events and features at Luxe Pack New York 2024 provide an excellent opportunity to see how the industry’s leaders are addressing this complex challenge.

In addition to the competition, the conference will feature the Material Driven Exhibition and Workshop Series. This series focuses on themes such as biodegradability, recycling, and reducing carbon footprints. The exhibition will allow attendees to explore a wide array of sustainable materials and understand their application across industries.

The workshop component is particularly interactive, consisting of sessions like “Materializing the Senses” and “Break it Down: Sustainability”. These workshops will offer hands-on experiences with cutting-edge, sustainable materials and help attendees develop practical insights into creating eco-friendly packaging solutions. The workshops will run in both morning and afternoon sessions across the two days of the event, providing ample opportunity for all attendees to participate.

Overall, Luxe Pack New York 2024 promises to be a rich platform for learning about and engaging with the latest trends in sustainable packaging and we’re very much looking forward to being in attendance.

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