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Sustainability Branding & Design

Sustainability branding & design means blending strategic insight with creative innovation to build brands that aim for a positive impact. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that the brands we develop are not only visually stunning but also champions of sustainability. We’re not just designing brands; we’re shaping a sustainable future, one brand at a time.

Sustainability is at the heart of every brand story we tell.

Collaborating for Change:
—Our Partners

We partner with forward-thinking businesses that have made a clear commitment to sustainability, aligning our expertise in strategic design with their dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

Together, we build brands that not only thrive in the market but also lead the way in sustainable practices. More evidence on the importance of sustainability to consumers, can be found here, in this article by McKinsey & Company.


Brand Strategy for Sustainable Growth.

Our branding strategies are tailored to help businesses grow sustainably, aligning their growth objectives with environmental and social responsibility.

Energy-Efficient Digital Solutions

Implementing energy-efficient, user-friendly website designs that minimize digital carbon footprint while maximizing user engagement and brand reach.

Eco-Friendly Design and Materials

We prioritize sustainable materials and eco-conscious design practices in our work, particularly in package design, to reduce environmental impact.

Collaborations with Sustainable Providers

We partner with other sustainable providers and experts to enhance our service offerings, ensuring that every aspect of our work, from advertising to experiential campaigns, is infused with sustainability.

Sustainability Branding & Design
Case Studies →

Solapop Case Study B2C: Food + Beverage

Solapop: Crafting a Visually Sustainable Brand


Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Design

Solapop, a company known for crafting soda that brings joy and happiness.

Food + Beverage

To create a visual identity and packaging for Solapop that resonates with their core values of fun, inclusion, approachability, and sustainability.

The Brief
Our collaboration with Solapop was centered on developing a brand identity that not only reflects their commitment to sustainability but also aligns with their ethos of fun and inclusivity. The challenge was to translate these values into a tangible and appealing visual identity and packaging design.

The Challenge
Solapop needed a brand strategy and design that would effectively communicate their sustainable practices and inclusive philosophy. The primary challenge was to integrate these elements into a cohesive visual identity that would resonate with consumers and differentiate Solapop in the competitive beverage industry.

Our Approach

Sustainability and Innovation: We focused on Solapop’s commitment to environmental stewardship, particularly through their innovative direct-to-can printing method in collaboration with Hart Print.

Vibrant and Inclusive Branding: Our strategy emphasized the brand’s vibrant and inclusive philosophy, using bright color bars to represent each flavor profile.

Consistency Across Touchpoints: Ensuring that the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fun was evident at every consumer touchpoint.

The Solution

1. Direct-to-Can Printing for Sustainability:
Partnering with Hart Print, we helped Solapop adopt a sustainable printing method that reduces waste and simplifies recycling.

2. Bold Visual Identity:
Developed a visual identity that reflects positivity and happiness, aligning with the brand’s positioning line, “Inner fizzdom.

3. Engaging Brand Campaign:
Launched a campaign themed “A refreshing way to become one with your inner fizzdom” to effectively communicate the brand’s values.

Sustainability Impact

Reduced Environmental Impact:
The direct-to-can printing significantly minimizes waste and enhances the recyclability of the packaging.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices:
The partnership with Hart Print and the campaign underscore Solapop’s dedication to sustainability.

Brand Strategy and Design

Joyful and Approachable:
The brand strategy was built around Solapop’s core values of fun and approachability.

Colourful and Bold Design:
The design featured bright colors and bold patterns to represent the brand’s lively spirit.

Consistent Brand Messaging:
Ensured that the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fun was clearly communicated across all platforms.

Results and Future Outlook

  • Solapop’s rebranding has been successful in conveying their sustainable and inclusive values.
  • Consumer feedback has been positive, with appreciation for the brand’s environmental responsibility and engaging design.
  • Solapop is set to continue its journey in sustainable branding, setting a benchmark in the beverage industry.


Our partnership with Solapop resulted in a brand that beautifully intertwines sustainability with a fun and inclusive image. This approach not only enhances the brand’s appeal but also sets a new standard in the beverage industry for integrating environmental responsibility into a brand’s identity. Solapop stands as a testament to how brands can effectively communicate their core values while committing to a sustainable future.

Presia Case Study B2B: Agriculture Technology

Presia: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Data-Driven Sustainability



Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Presia, the pioneering technology subsidiary of McCain.

Agriculture and Data Analytics

To establish Presia as a leader in predictive crop intelligence, aligning with its mission to revolutionize agriculture through data-driven solutions and ecological sustainability.

The Brief
Partnering with McCain, we embarked on a transformative journey to develop a brand that reflects its innovative approach to agriculture. Our goal was to position Presia as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices, leveraging data analytics and technology to promote ecological well-being.

The Challenge
As a new venture of McCain Foods, Presia faced the challenge of carving out a unique identity in the technology sector of agriculture. The task was to define and articulate a brand strategy that not only positioned Presia as a pioneer in predictive crop intelligence but also underscored its commitment to sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

Presia sought to be recognized as a trusted advisor in agriculture, emphasizing its dedication to data-driven, environmentally conscious farming and empowering clients with actionable insights for sustainable growth.

Our Approach

Innovative and Trustworthy: We focused on Presia’s innovative use of earth observation and AI technologies, establishing its reputation as a reliable source for advanced agricultural solutions.

Client-Centric and Sustainable: Our strategy revolved around Presia’s commitment to providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of the agricultural community, emphasizing sustainable practices.

Sustainability at the Core: We integrated sustainability into every aspect of the brand strategy, highlighting Presia’s role in promoting ecological well-being and a positive legacy for future generations.

The Solution

1. Advanced Predictive Crop Intelligence:
Utilizing geospatial intelligence, advanced analytics, and agronomic expertise, Presia provided actionable insights for optimizing crop yield and resource efficiency.

2. Sustainable Technology Adoption:
Our branding strategy emphasized Presia’s integration of sustainable technologies, showcasing its role in reducing the environmental impact through informed agricultural decisions.

3. Transparent and Ethical Practices:
We highlighted Presia’s commitment to transparency and ethical standards, building trust in its data and solutions.

Sustainability Impact

Enhanced Environmental Stewardship:
Presia’s insights led to more sustainable farming practices, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture.

Resource Optimization:
Data-driven strategies facilitated efficient use of resources, notably in water management and chemical usage.

Promotion of Regenerative Agriculture:
Presia advocated for regenerative agricultural practices, contributing to ecological health and long-term sustainability.

Brand Strategy and Design

Dependable Navigator
The brand strategy centered around Presia’s role as a trusted navigator in the agricultural sector, emphasizing its expertise and reliability.

Nature-Inspired Design:
The design theme featured natural colours and imagery, resonating with Presia’s commitment to the environment.

Targeted Messaging:
Messages were tailored to address the specific needs of Presia’s diverse clientele, from growers to agronomists and business decision-makers.

Results and Future Outlook

  • Presia’s rebranding reinforced its position as a leader in sustainable agricultural technology.
  • Client feedback highlighted the brand’s positive impact on both profitability and environmental responsibility.
  • Presia is poised to continue its journey towards expanding its sustainable practices and reinforcing its commitment to ecological stewardship.


Our collaboration with Presia led to the creation of a brand deeply rooted in sustainability and innovation. By focusing on data-driven, eco-friendly farming practices, Presia has set a new standard in the agricultural sector, proving that technological advancement and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand, paving the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future in agriculture.

Iberian Case Study B2C: Hospitality

The Iberian: Blending Tradition with Modern Sustainability


Iberian outdoor sign

Creating a Brand Identity for a Sustainable Aparthotel in Central Portugal

The Iberian, a new aparthotel project.


To develop a brand identity for The Iberian that encapsulates its core values of local expertise, sustainability, and honest hospitality, while appealing to its diverse target audience.

The Brief
Our journey with The Iberian was about crafting a brand identity that resonates with the heart of Portugal. The challenge lay in integrating the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, its deep-rooted connection to Central Portugal, and its modern amenities into a cohesive and appealing brand image.

The Challenge
The Iberian needed a brand strategy that would effectively communicate its unique position as a sustainable, modern, and locally integrated aparthotel. The primary challenge was to create a visual and messaging identity that would appeal to business travelers, retired travelers, and remote workers.

Our Approach

Local Expertise and Sustainability: Emphasizing The Iberian’s deep knowledge of Central Portugal and its commitment to a net-zero carbon footprint.

Modern yet Traditional Branding: Balancing the traditional aspects of Portuguese culture with modern, sustainable practices.

Targeted Messaging: Creating specific brand messages that resonate with each segment of the target audience.

The Solution

1. Sustainable and Local Design Elements:
Incorporating local art and sustainable materials in the design to reflect the brand’s ethos.

2. Unified Visual Identity:
Developing a visual identity that captures the essence of Portugal, blending tradition with modernity.

3. Segmented Marketing Strategy:
Tailoring marketing campaigns to appeal to business travelers, retirees, and remote workers.

Sustainability Impact

Eco-friendly Operations:
Implementing sustainable practices in construction and operations to minimize environmental impact.

Locally Sourcing Food + Beverage
Keeping with the drive to promote local culture and reduce their delivery travel and therefore carbon footprint.

On-Site Market
Since many guests will be enjoying longer stays, having a market on site reduces the need to travel for day-to-day items.

Promotion of Local Culture:
Supporting local communities and traditions, enhancing the brand’s sustainability narrative.

Brand Strategy and Design

Expertise and Transparency:
Building the brand around its expertise in Central Portugal and its honest, transparent approach.

Contemporary and Traditional Fusion:
The design reflects a fusion of contemporary amenities with traditional Portuguese elements.

Consistent Brand Experience:
Ensuring that the brand’s values are evident in every guest interaction and touchpoint.

Results and Future Outlook

  • The Iberian’s branding has successfully communicated its unique position in the hospitality market.
  • Client’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular appreciation for its sustainable practices and local integration.
  • The Iberian is poised to set a new standard in sustainable hospitality, appealing to a wide range of travelers.


Our collaboration with The Iberian resulted in a brand that seamlessly integrates sustainability with a deep connection to Portuguese culture and modern amenities. This approach not only enhances the guest experience but also sets a new benchmark in the hospitality industry for sustainable and culturally integrated branding. The Iberian stands as a shining example of how a hotel can effectively communicate its core values while committing to a sustainable and authentic future.

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