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Strano + Pettigrew’s work has been better than we could have imagined. One of our key KPIs is communication and whether a service provider can meet deadlines and keep a project moving. Strano + Pettigrew’s leadership level has been refreshing.

—Kimberley Williamson, Co-founder + Chief Marketing Officer

Solapop* Crafting soda that makes people happy.
—Branding + Package Design

Such a fun project. The team at Solapop contacted us for help creating a visual identity and packaging for their line of craft sodas. The brand is authentic and all about fun, inclusion, approachability, sustainability and really just happiness and harmony in general. As Kimberley Williamson Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer writes “The desirability of the Solapop brand is anchored in the notion of empowering our customers to define what fun means to them and to seek out more of it.” Well embodied in the team’s positioning line “Inner fizzdom.”

The campaign we developed was all about creating “A refreshing way to become one with your inner fizzdom.” We wanted to surprise their audience with fun, positive words of fizzdom connected to the asterisk at every consumer touch point. In addition, we took a bright refreshing approach to the package design by simply using colour bars to represent each flavour profile. More information will be available on the Solapop website.

From a sustainability standpoint, Solapop will be printing direct-to-can with a conscious desire to avoid excess waste from wraps or labels while, in turn, contributing to uncomplicated recycling.

Solapop crafts soda that makes people happy—and with everything going on in, and around, our day-to-day lives, a bold and overt display of positivity goes a long way in achieving that.

*BTW—You’re way more awesome than you think.

Solapop lemon package design in hand
Solapop lemon honey lavender
solapop package design both flavours
Solapop peach habanero package design

*Being yourself can often be the best way to be.

Solapop peach habanero package design in hand

*Instagram lives are rarely as perfect as they appear.

Solapop street poster design

*Making things look easy isn’t always easy.

Solapop street poster design
Solapop asterisk symbol
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