Strano and Pettigrew designer

Business now understands that in a time when the market is saturated with competition and innovation, design plays a defining role in establishing distinction, value and loyalty. Design offers growth through competitive advantage.

Our branding process—we create beautiful brands for consumers who value authenticity, design & experience.

We help our clients connect with their audience.

We partner with amazing brands from large international companies to exciting and inspiring young start-ups. Our meticulous branding process ensures that, whether a brand is starting fresh or looking to refresh, it will be well-positioned to compete in today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape.

We help our clients by creating a well-researched brand strategy which serves as the foundation for all future brand-building initiatives. We follow up with beautiful, thoughtful and engaging design—design which will connect with your audience and differentiate you from competitors. Please take a moment to view our portfolio.

Evolving an existing brand.

As time passes, even leading brands can experience brand shift or simply lose pace in the fast-moving race to remain exciting and relevant.

Our branding process provides a clear and unbiased look into where your brand is currently positioned relative to your competitors. This research is the starting point from which we redefine and distinguish your brand within the sector.

Beginning your brand’s journey.

It’s an exciting and inspiring time when a new business comes to life. You have a product you believe in, you have your initial round of funding secured and you are ready to go to market.

Companies now understand that every new brand faces competition and that going to market without a well-crafted strategy and identity is no longer an option. We will guide you through the branding process.

Your story isn’t just what you tell people – it’s also what they believe about you based on the signals your brand sends.

– Bernadette Jiwa