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The development of Iberian’s brand strategy, design and sustainability initiatives have not only brought the entire project to life, but have given the municipality a clear view of how we aim to work with them to increase tourism while providing a much-needed destination for conferences and events.

—Manuel Escalhorda, Managing Director + Developer

The Iberian Aparthotel + Conference Centre
—The heart of Portugal.

Sharing the rich cultural history of central Portugal.

The Iberian aparthotel aims to be the home-away-from-home for long-stay visitors looking to relocate to, or simply explore, Portugal. Located in the centre of the country, the Iberian will serve to meet the need for temporary accommodation as well as fill the gap for conference and wellness facilities in the region.

Our strategy positions the Iberian as the authority on the region of central Portugal—its food, culture, events and history. Ideally located in the centre of Portugal, the Iberian will serve as a base and a destination for discovering all that the region has to offer—ideally driving traffic to the area and providing an increase in tourism.

“The heart of Portugal” not only references the Iberian’s physical location but its cultural connection to the region.

Picturesque, wooded surroundings and a comprehensive sustainability plan informed the use of natural materials and colour throughout the design system. Portugal also has a rich history of pattern which we incorporated into our creative as a conscious nod to the past.


Sustainability strategy:

A series of sustainability initiatives for both the construction and the operation of the Iberian have been developed as part of the brand strategy. These initiatives will help position the Iberian as a leader in the effort to curtail negative environmental impacts locally and globally.

In addition, the sustainability plan helps solidify the Iberian’s commitment to working with local governments to help meet and, ideally, exceed European Commission goals for carbon neutrality.



We would like to thank Illustrator Réka Király for agreeing to help us with this project. Her hand-painted floral illustrations bring a beautiful, organic balance to the overall design system. Réka’s wonderful work can be found here at rekakiraly.com

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