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Second Cup Coffee Co.—Flash Cold Brew Launch

Campaign, Design, Packaging, Experiential + Broadcast

About this project.
Flash Cold Brew—National Launch Campaign

Summer 2017—S+PDA launches Flash Cold Brew nation-wide with Second Cup Coffee Co.

While some coffee companies make cold brew by steeping coffee in cold water for 24 hours, Second Cup re-thought the process in order to ensure their cold coffee would retain it’s full flavour.

The process of brewing fresh coffee directly over ice results in a cold brew that maintains all its flavour and aromatics without becoming week or watered down.

Our positioning: Rethink the cold.

Like with most new product launches, the best way for consumers to understand it is to try it. So we proposed a sampling campaign that would feature custom made cold brew trikes and street teams. In addition, we felt that the process needed to be shown as did the flavour options—so we created a promo video with Jamie Way showing the process… shot at nearly 1000 frames per second.

Definitely a cool project.

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