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Feedback says that our brand exudes sophistication. I directly attributed that to the identity they created for it.

—VP Marketing, dentalcorp


Their team was talented and they understand branding, whether it’s for a niche market or a high-end luxury company.

—Marketing & Communications Lead, C.K. Atlantis

Our branding and design clients are a distinguished and international group of companies.

Clients Past + Present

Since 2004 Strano + Pettigrew has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients—most of which are recognized nationally and abroad. Our clients span a broad range of sectors, each with its own stringent requirements. Because we are sector agnostic, we provide a bespoke approach to our branding and design solutions. You can see examples of the diversity of our work by visiting our portfolio.

Learn more about what our clients have to say by visiting our Clutch page to read our reviews.


We have worked with clients in:
The Cayman Islands
The United Arab Emirates
The United Kingdom
The United States

Strano + Pettigrew clients